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  • Gassuku spring camp WFF 2019 Hombu Dojo Stara Wies Polland

    Dear, I would like to inform you, that for the first time in history, the World Federation of Fudokan is organizing a historic ``First spring seminar`` in Hombu Dojo WFF, located in the Polish national park Stara Wies. I would like to remind you that this is an exceptionally important event especially because the topics of the seminar are of special importance in the Fudokan Karate Federation of the world.

  • Addition to the rules of the competition in Tamashiwari

    Let`s remind ourselves that Tamashiwari is a coordinated way of a presentation (classical form), implies two obviously related factors . " Well " trained impact surfaces which are not the target itself, as well as the mass of the body of the competitors are more than the determining factors of the efficiency of impact penetration.

  • Anniversary

    On this day ( 10.10.2018. ), my - our teacher, Hidetaka Nishiyama, would have 90 years. Unfortunately, on this day, it has been 10 years since his death. Allow me to see from my perspective, the legacy and the works of the Teacher..

  • Global Deception in the world of karate

    Under the term of deception, regardless of how it is, coincidental, intentional, unconsciously done, but also that special one, Mega Global Deception, by default, when you tend to, deliberately, for particularly selfish reasons, deceive, poison millions of people from the world of Karate for years.

  • Professionalism and Fudokan karate
    What does BOUTSPRO mean, meaning, value, use value

    In order for us to understand the essence of BOUTSPRO, we are obliged, to peek a little bit in the history of the struggle of the human species. Conflicts, confrontations between people and nations, unlike wild beasts that kill and are killed, primarily from the need to prolong the life of the species.

  • The process of forming the platform of traditional Japanese karate as a historical necessity 2018.

    In the process of the historical unification of world karate in the form in which it is present in Europe and in the world as a shape, an absolute necessity - the need of forming the so-called 'Platform of Traditional Japanese Karate' - is imposed.

  • What is Traditional karate?

    Today, after more than ten years since the death of the Great Teacher Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, the founder of the ITKF organization, unique in the world of karate, a question is asked, again and again, by the new generation of karate everywhere in the world " what is traditional karate "?

  • WWhat awaits us in 2018 /19 and what we have done for the benefit of Fudokan

    Respected Fudokan karatekas, you should know that in 2018, as a part of the strategy of Fudokan development, that is, primarily in order to expand the culture, the historic truth, doctrine of Fudokan, numerous activities have been taken to achieve and acknowledge Fudokan in the world.


    Be a Fudokan warrior Or my request to you , son of Eagle, Be fierce in your attack Like an imperial eagle of eternal blue, Your spirit must be consistent and clear with a scream of falling mountain river that spouts Through the spores of serene body.



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