Final score for 8th World Fudokan Karate Championship, Germany
November 2019

RESULTS - 8th World Fudokan Sport Karate Championships - Germany 2019

It was a great pleasure to bring to you the RESULTS of this great 8th World Fudokan Sport Karate Championships.

This SPORTS KARATE event it was a tremendous success for all, Organizations, Athletes, Referees, Relatives and so one. This big competition to involved 543 athletes from 20 countries and have competed in more than 60 categories. Our Fudokan Sport Karate, has increased significantly since last year, [Slovenia] and the quality of the athletes have been improved due to their hard work.

So, we are very proud and very satisfied with the final Results of the 8th World Fudokan Sports karate Championships in Sindelfingen - Germany 2019.

Congratulations to the hosting organization, (FKAG - Germany) for the effort, support and dedication to this Championships. Thanks to President Mr. Karl-Hans Konig and Mr. Aleksandar Simic General Secretary of World Fudokan Federation for your kindness and welcoming to all participants and families and all Fudokan Family Members for joining us to participate and make this organization bigger and bigger year by year. Thank you to all my friends.

Now the 8th World Fudokan Sports Karate-do Championship has finished with a tremendous success, it is time to start working for the next future European Championship, to be held in Belgrade - Serbia. We see with great expectations for the next event. There were several positive feedbacks which increases our confidence and encourage us to participate in this bigger and better Fudokan Sport Karate Competitions.

Final Scoreboard

Resoults Teams Under 13

Resoults Teams

Resoults Solo Under 13

Resoults Solo


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